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ESP8266 Promiscuous Library

The ESPProLib is a simple set of functions and strutures to help using the ESP8266 chip in promiscuous mode.


void esppl_set_channel(int channel)

Changes the listening channel. Only one channel at a time can be used to receive frames.

int channel - should be a value between ESPPL_CHANNEL_MIN (1) and ESPPL_CHANNEL_MAX (14).

bool esppl_process_frames()

Allows some time to process the frames received. This function should be called if using a loop to scan through multiple channels.

The function returns true if there are still frames to be processed, false otherwise.

void esppl_init(ESPPL_CB_T cb)

Initializes the library and sets the ESP8266 in promiscuous mode.

ESPPL_CB_T cb - callback function to handle the parsed frame information. The function should have a structure similar to this:

void cb(esppl_frame_info *info)

void esppl_sniffing_start()

Starts the sniffing process.

void esppl_sniffing_stop()

Stops the sniffing process.